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6 Surfing Techniques You Should Never Learn - Kook Protection

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Descrição Exclusive surfing Videos for Beginners & Intermediates 10% off all surfing accessories with this code "surf20"

When you start learning to surf avoid these techniques like the plague. Lucky for you Surf Coaches is here to save you from developing one these hideous styles.

Many surfers are clueless about these surfing taboos until it is too late and ingrained into their every move that there is nothing they can do but remain a surfing kook for the rest of their lives.

6 bad surfing habits
The Hunchback
The T-Rex
The Helicopter
The Pogo Stick
The Reverse Momentum Wriggle
The Poo Stance

Surfing is an independent sport and you surf however makes you feel good. These are just surf style recommendation to help you avoid developing a kook like surfing style that will ultimately hinder your ability to develop and improve faster.

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