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Did We Just Break Up? | MALIBU SURF EP 12

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Rio tells Joey to make up his mind...
Trouble in Paradise | MALIBU SURF EP 11 -
The dust still hasn't settled after Rio and Ally's confrontation. Ally's hiding out from not only her phone but also from Joey. Rio tells Joey to make up his mind of between her and Ally. Later, Sean consoles Rio but it’s obvious he's got more on his mind than just friendship.

Imagine a world where 4 beautiful boys, 4 beautiful girls, surf, sand, drama and romance are the norm! This is real life for Rio, Joey, Ally, Van, Keaton, Courtney, Sofia and Sean. They all live in Malibu, CA and spend their days lying on the beach or surfing and their nights causing mischief in Malibu or going to parties. Some of them are friends…some of them are frenemies… but all of them live in a world where it’s a surfers paradise!
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Created by: Autumn deVitry
Executive Producer: Autumn deVitry
Producers: Tara Cole; Justin Johnson
Story Producer: Justin Johnson
Production Supervisor: Sean Saley
Production Coordinator: Jackie Merry
Editor: Bruna Pastore
Director of Photography: Kevin Castro
Camera Operator: Daryl Gilmore
Camera Operator: Ben Hect
Sound Mixers: Will Mill
Marketing Manager: Emily Cheng
Marketing Coordinator: Aaron Chrenen
Producer's Assistant: Anja Ellam
Production Assistants: Omid Afshar, Denzel John, Charles Emerson, Ryan McManus, Tina Poston

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Music provided by Extreme Music.

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