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How To Get An Egg Inside A Bottle - Live Experiments (Ep 28) - Head Squeeze

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Science experimenter, Morna Fisken, shows us how you can create a partial vacuum to get a hardboiled egg inside a milk bottle. But can you tell us how to get the egg out again?

How to:

How to boil an egg:

Egg Facts:

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

How to make a vacuum at home:

Items you need for this experiment:
Milk bottle x 1
Hard boiled eggs (the smaller the better)
Strips of paper
Jam jars of different sizes

1. Boil an egg for 15 minutes -- to make sure it is completely hardboiled.
2. Peel the shell of the egg.
3. Tear the paper into strips.
4. Light a couple of strips of paper and place them into the milk bottle.
5. Quickly place the hardboiled egg on top of the neck of the bottle.
6. The flame inside the bottle creates a partial vacuum that will suck the egg inside!
You can do this experiment with water balloons and jam jars too.

Live Experiments: Our resident science demo thrill-seekers will give the YouTube audience their big science treat each week with an experiment where you can find out how to make food dance, power a light bulb with household objects and create mega smoke rings!

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