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Surfing India

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Chanting loudly, the fisherman drag their boats to the shore, as above the birds circle in hope of scavenging some fresh fish. Dolphins can be seen at play in the waves off in the distance, but here closer to the shore it is a surfer that takes center stage. Positioning himself in a small barrel wave, he moves further out, cutting into the surf. He appears out of place, it’s as if someone has simply pasted him into the scene. But this is only a first impression, and after a while you start to realize that this scene is simply a natural part of a larger picture, and that India offers one of the most unique surfing spots on the planet.

Photo gallery:

Filmed and Edited by Berta Tilmantaite (

Original music: Martynas Gailius, Egle Sirvydytė | Sodas Sounds

Surfers: Lucas Cwierz, Franco Rebagliati (, Joshua Stenning, Lucy Foster-Perkins (, Fred Andrews and local boys.

Special thanks to Raffael Kably, also to Sunil Sreenivasan, Krishna Mrn, Krishna Mrn, Jazmín Martín, Jill Dsouza, Rose Perry, Rob Fenton, Kate Woodbury, Ollie Thresh, Luke Perry, and all other amazing people for a great time in India.

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